16.03.2015 Pointe Inf. du Tricot - Couloir Nord - Est

The monday is the day with " l'Equipe du Lundi". Today with Laurent and Hervé.

10.03.2015 Brèche du Tacul - Couloir Nord - Est

Today with Giulia. Beautiful view of the Jorasses

09.03.2015 Petit Mont Blanc - "Couloir du Bloc coincé"

Today with l'Equipe du lundi. Laurent, Roch and Hervé. Nice line from the top of Petit Mont Blanc.


Today we skied the first couloir of the Voie Pfann of Grand Aiguille de l'Aigle.

28.02.2015 Petit Mont Blanc - Couloir NE Side

Second time for me in this beautiful couloir. Today filming with Giulia Monego and Bjarne Salén (www.endlessflowfilms.com). Thanks for this awesome day!.

19.02.2015 Col du Plan - Face Nord

Today with Julien "Pica" Herry. Pica did his first steep descent in Goofy stance...normally he is regular!

11.02.2015 Brenva

09.01.2015 Petit Mont Blanc - Bonatti couloir

Today with Giulia, Denis, Laurent and Francesco.





08.01.2015 Punta Garin (3451 m.) - West face

Is a beautiful pyramidal summit which ranks third in both height and importance in the small Emilius massif after Monte Emilius (3.559 m.) and Punta Tersiva (3.515 m.). Together with my friends Alfredo, Stefano and Pica , we skied the west side of this beautiful mountain. Photo



03.01.2015 Col du Pélerins - Sud-West Couloir

Third time here in this beautiful couloir, always with my friend Julien Pica Herry.


26.12.2014 Grande Rochère - Nord-Est Couloir

24.12.2014 Petit Paradis,P.ta Vaccarone - West Couloir

This is of the most beautiful faces that you can see from Chabod hut. It has been skied for the first time by Rémy Lecluse. Today with Denis Trento.

22.12.2014 Col de l'Amone - South West Couloir

Today with Denis and Luca.

07.12.2014 Aiguillettes du Tacul - South West Couloir

Today with Giulia and Michèle.

05.12.2014 Aiguillettes du Tacul - North Est Couloir

Today with Luca, Luis, Alberto and Rudy.

03.12.2014 Tour Ronde - Face Nord

Today with Giulia.


Today with Michèle and Luca. (photo Luca Rolli)


19.10.2014 Tour Ronde - Couloir Gervasutti

Nice day in the mountain with Michèle and Giulia.


14.10.2014 Chile

Beautiful trip in the Andes with Michèle. In 14 days, we skied: Chillian Nuevo, Antuco (2 times for different routes), Lonquimay, Llaima (2 times for different routes), Lanin (Chilean side), Villarica, Osorno, Casablanca, Cerro Union, Cerro combo and Cerro La Parva Photo