01.06.2018 Roccia Viva - Parete Nord & Parete Ovest

First ski descent by Stefano De Benedetti in July 25th, 1979. Today Denis, Lorenzo and Alessandro in ski. Me and Alfredo in snowboard. Probably first snowboard descent. Photo

19.05.2018 Aiguillettes du Tacul - Couloir NE

With Michèle, Rudy and Tof

18.05.2018 Grivola - Voie Cretier

I skied this face in 2012 with my friends Luca and Francesco. I'm back with Mike, Kris, Alessandro and Edo. Amazing conditions. Photo

12.05.2018 Col du Diable - Couloir Macho

With Yannick.

05.05.2018 Tour Ronde - North Face

With Mike and Alessandro.

30.04.2018 Tour Ronde - Couloir Gervasutti

With Luca and Yannick.

26.04.2018 Ciarfaron - North Face

First time for me, and I don't know other snowboard descent. With Denis

25.04.2018 Velan - Couloir Y

With Michèle, Alessandro and Edo.

19.04.2018 Monte Bianco - Brenva Spur

Amazing adventure in East side of Mont Blanc. After 12 years back here. With Luca and Federico. Photo

15.04.2018 Aiguillettes du Tacul - Couloir South West

With Mike and Alessandro.

14.04.2018 Tour Ronde - Couloir Gervasutti

Good snow. With Denis.

24.03.2018 Dente del Gigante - Face Sud

With Luis and Guido.

22.03.2018 Grand Capucin - Couloir Sud - Est

New descent for us. First ski descent in 2002 by Tardivel and friends. Not many repetitions. With Denis. Photo

21.03.2018 Aiguillettes du Tacul - Couloir Nord - Est

With Federico and Yannick.

20.03.2018 Dames Anglaises - Couloir Nord - Est

Amazing conditions in the couloir. With Denis and Mike.

19.03.2018 Mont Labiez

With Mike and Alessandro.

09.03.2018 Tour Ronde - Couloir Gervasutti

With Denis and Alessandro.

27.02.2018 Petit Mont Blanc - Couloir Est-Nord-Est

Always beautiful this line. With Mike and Alessandro.

21.02.2018 Becca di Viou - West side

With Alfredo and Alessandro.

11.02.2018 Petit Mont Blanc - Face Est-Nord-Est

Amazing snow and beautiful view. With Giulia, Yannick and Morgan.

08.02.2018 Aigle - Couloir Nord-Est

Long day in Miage Glacier, for this beautiful line. With Mike, Federico and Alessandro.

14.01.2018 Petit Mont Blanc - Couloir Bonatti

Amazing conditions in the couloir. With Alessandro.

11.01.2018 P.ta Helbronner

With Luca Rolli, Julien Herry, Babs Charlet and Luca Pandolfi.

22.12.2017 Tour Ronde - Brenva glacier

With Luca, Federico and Luis.

15.12.2017 Pavillon

Our garden in Courmayeur. With Luis.

03.12.2017 Combe Maudite

Nice morning with Luca and Yannick.

11.11.2017 Pila

First day of this season with the family.