24.05.2019 Aiguillettes du Tacul - Nord-Est side

With Luca, Mike and Alessandro.

16.05.2019 Berrio Blanc - Nord-Est ridge

With Denis, Alessandro and Alfred.


With Francesco.

01.05.2019 Gemelli - Couloirs Nord-West

We skied left and right couloirs of Gemelli peak. Near North face of Roccia in Valnontey, in Cogne valley. With Denis Trento. First ski and snowboard descent for left couloir and first repetition for right couloir.

17.04.2019 Becca di Monciair - Couloir Nord-Est and Face Nord

Two descents in one day from the car. With Alessandro, Alfred, Shanti and Michèle.

09.04.2019 Dames Anglaises - Couloir Nord-Est

With Luca, Alessandro and Ale. 6 times for me.

29.03.2019 Tète Carrée - Couloir Est

With Luca, Yannick, Alessandro and Edo.

28.03.2019 Petit Mont Blanc - Face ENE

With Luca.

22.03.2019 Mont Fourchon - Couloir Nord-West

With Michèle and Alessandro.

21.03.2019 Brèche du Tacul - Couloir Nord-Est

With Yannick, Alessandro, Helias, Antoine and Alfredo.

20.03.2019 Tète Carrée - Couloir Est

With Alessandro.

19.03.2019 Col du Tacul - Glacier du Capucin

With Luca and Alessandro.

02.03.2019 Mont Labiez - Couloir NW

With Alfredo and Alessandro.

19.02.2019 Mont Ouille - Couloir ENE

With Alfredo and Alessandro.

18.02.2019 Les Droites - Face SW

Second time here for me. This time with Mike, Alessandro and Yannic. Hard snow.

06.02.2019 Petit Mont Blanc - Couloir Bonatti

First descent this year along Bonatti Couloir of Petit Mont Blanc. With Alessandro and Alfredo.

01.02.2019 Pavillon

With Luis, Federico, Mattia.

26.01.2019 Arète Rochefort - Petit Dent du Geant

With Miike.

24/25.01.2019 Mont Faroma - Face Sud and couloir NE

Red line: South face, Blue line: Couloir North East. With Alessandro, Alfredo, Mike, Luca and Federico.

22.01.2019 Mont Velan - Couloir SE

With Alessandro, Alfredo and Ettore.

21.01.2019 Arète du Brouillard - Couloir SW

I carried the first descent with Roch Malnuit in january 2011. This beautiful couloir is 1100 m. long with some sections which narrow down to 1.20 m. Today with Mike Arnold.

16.01.2019 P.ta Helbronner

With Mike.

15.01.2019 Valgrisenche

With Mike and Federico.

11.01.2019 Petit Golliat - Couloirs S

With Alessandro.

03.01.2019 Tour Ronde - Brenva glacier

With Luca.

27.12.2018 P.ta Saviotti - Couloir SW

With Mike and Alessandro.

27.12.2018 Petit Mont Blanc - Couloir ENE

Fiirst day in Miage basin, with Mike and Alessandro.

26.12.2018 Dente del Gigante - Face Sud

With Luca and Luis.

18.12.2018 P.ta Helbronner - Marbrees

Beautiful day with two amazing skiers, Sam Anthamatten and Jeremy Heitz.

12.12.2018 Jetoula couloir

With Francesco, Mike and Miles

01.12.2018 Punta Helbronner

First day of the season in P.ta Helbronner, with Michèle, Alberto and Francesco.

24.11.2018 Mont Colmet - Face Nord

Two beautiful days with Michèle, Luca, Mike, Alessandro and Alfredo.

18.11.2018 Monciair - Couloir Nord-Est

With Michèle, Luca and Mike.

16.11.2018 Petit Golliat - Couloir Nord-Est

Beautiful and narrow couloir, never skied before. With Alfredo e Ettore.

14.11.2018 Pila - Punta Valletta

The legend Jeremy Jones in my backyard. To share some turns with the history of snowboarding and the master Julien "Pica" Herry was the best way to start the season!

13.11.2018 Monciair - Face Nord

Good conditions. With Alessandro, Denis and Mike.

03.11.2018 Mont Fourchon

First ski touring day with Michèle, Mike and Yannick.